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Sims can then propose marriage and eventually marry their fiancee.

In this guide to Sims, romance and love, I'll talk about the various stages of a romance and how to move your Sim one step closer to finding a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner for life.

It's not that women don't do it; it's just that the men do it much more.

According to a MSNBC survey, 30% of the men using an online dating service are married. Well…there really is no fool proof method and sadly catching a liar online can be harder than catching the married guy hitting on you at the bar.

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Marlee and I are now trying to work through this mess but I’m finding it very hard.

on Friday to come over and eat leftover pizza—will show her she’s a priority. Chris Kraft, a Clinical Director of the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. It may be easier to than it is to deal with the issues within their own relationship that are causing a less-than-stellar sex life. “We found that women and men are equally likely to engage in infidelity.” Why? Here’s the thing: Cheating’s not necessarily driven by status, sex appeal, or money.

Women are cultivating more personal relationships in the workplace (outside watchful gaze), and social networking sites are making it a lot easier to get in touch with that high school boyfriend than it was a decade ago. So while you’re worried about the hot boss who makes big money at her workplace, maybe you be wary the dorky best friend with the deep emotional connection.

First Tori Spelling and country singer Le Ann Rimes got tangled up in extramarital affairs that left their husbands reeling.

Now even Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson—those moody teenyboppers from the —cheating. What makes a woman more likely to step out on her man?