Dating a guy with schizophrenia internet dating agency exeter

Alot of people are scared of the word schizophrenia and naturally want to build some trust before revealing my condition.

I'd like to hear from anyone that feels the burden of schizophrenia and perhaps any advice in the dating area.

Other common symptoms found in a person with schizophrenia include irritability, lack of motivation, withdrawal, and drastic drops in everyday performance.

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A 2010 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that 19.9 percent of adults in the U. reported having a mental health condition that year.

Schizophrenia really makes me feel isolated at times and not wanting to to face the common question"so what do you do for a living"?

I am gentle, caring and a senstive soul, however I have fears about having to break the news to a girlfriend about my condition, or her finding out before I feel ready to tell her.

My friend has paranoid schizophrenia and we had a little relationship when we first met.

He dumped me after 2 weeks when his paranoid thoughts came back.