Dating agency riga latvia

Aurelia International Marriage Agency is a company that started in Latvia after a discussion amongst some girl friends about the difficulty they were having finding a suitable spouse.

They began uniting likely lovers back in 1998, but during the past few years the agency has noticed that Baltic ladies are broadening their horizons when it comes to partner potential.

You know how it goes: they’re either already married or gay.

Or perhaps there’s a host of other reasons why ladies of the Baltic States are taking matters of the heart into their own hands and reaching out to interested overseas admirers?

“Men from abroad come to Latvia because the average [number] of single women here is much higher.”From the three Baltic States, Latvia has the highest number of women looking for foreign partners.

Our client base is mainly focused within the maritime industry, however we have also provided recruitment services to the construction, oil & gas and hotel sectors.

Agency director Alona Kuzmina said that between three to five years ago, interest in obtaining a foreign partner became higher and higher.

“As soon as we entered the European Union and there was no need for a visa to visit many countries, ladies registered themselves on different Web sites and they had an interest in our agency as well.”Not only has it affected the women, but it’s opened the doors of opportunity for men from other EU countries, too.

We maintain a good local network of quality candidates and are always keen to engage with new people.

SIA Clyde Marine Recruitment Latvia runs ongoing and seasonal crew management contracts direct from our office in Riga on behalf of many well-known shipping companies.