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If you lined up 12 people at the top of a cliff, one of each sun sign, the Sagittarian would probably be the first one to jump, content that something somehow would prevent them going splat at the bottom. The meaning of life Almost contradicting her other personality traits, the Sagittarius woman is also typically a natural scholar, and loves both to learn and to teach, making conversations highly stimulating.

As with other impatient signs she is likely to prefer the big picture rather than the details, which can lead her to being somewhat philosophical.

At times they can change their minds according to the opinions of the people they love the most, if they find it worthy.

Cancer people are highly imaginative with a good taste for art and music and they have special values for traditions and culture in their hearts.

He loves to be a cheerful and honest lover but devotion is what he lacks.

A Sagittarius woman always mesmerizes everyone with her charm.

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They always have a crowd of friends around them and one can seldom find them alone.While enthusiastic Sagittarius helps us take risks and big leaps of faith, we can bite off more than we can chew.Under this sign’s influence, we need to know our limits.They are one of a kind determined people who are steadily strong and achieve success in all conditions.Cancer also cultivate great sense of humor and pronounced leadership skills.