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If this has happened, please call 1-855-331-3221 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, option 3 or after hours call 1-800-472-3272, option 2.

You can manage how and where your debit card is used and receive alerts with the Card Valet® App.

The metallic chip is designed to reduce fraud, including counterfeiting.

Here’s how it works: To buy something in a store, instead of swiping your card, you’ll put it into a reader for a few seconds. With each transaction, the chip generates a unique code needed for approval. Because the security code is always changing, it’s much more difficult for someone to steal and use.

ATM and Fast Track Teller cash withdrawals, purchases with your PIN, and signature purchases with your Debit Card are subject to daily limits.

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Use it to eliminate paper checks, offer gift cards to new and loyal customers, and even earn revenue for your business through dynamic currency conversion.A: Your previous PIN did not automatically transfer over. Q: Do all retailers/merchants accept chip equipped debit cards?You will need to set up a PIN after activating your debit card. A: The number of chip-enabled terminals is increasing which will require you to insert your card into the terminal, rather than swipe it as you do today. *For complete details, see the CEFCU Debit Mastercard Guide to Benefits (PDF) or CEFCU World Debit Mastercard Guide to Benefits (PDF).In such cases, the ATM owner may also charge you a usage or surcharge fee.