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The i Pod, first launched in October 2001, is what started Apple's major comeback and established its reputation as an innovator.

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The base 16 gigabyte model of the i Pod Touch will sell for 9, the 32 GB for 9, the 64 GB version costs 9 and 128 GB version for 9.

." The hard drive in my ,000 i Mac had died after 22 months and when I went into an Apple store to see if Apple would help me out, particularly after the company had already recalled the drives in 2011 i Macs (I had a 2010 model), I was told by the geniuses in the Apple Store that since I hadn't bought Apple Care there was nothing they could do for me except replace the drive for 5. By my calculations using the Calculator app on my enabled i Phone, I was looking at 43.1 years. I knew you could get locked out for a little while, maybe a week or two at the most, but I never knew you could get locked out for 43 years. There was nothing on the i Pod that couldn't be recovered (apps), and I figured I'd just "restore" the thing on my computer.

Tens of thousands of people read and hundreds commented on it, some agreeing with my frustration, others calling me an idiot, which is par for the course whenever you write an article -- positive or negative -- about Apple. To appease my daughter's want for an i Pod Touch fifth-generation, I traded her my fourth-gen Touch for her disabled third-gen one. "It's got a camera and they still sell it in the store for 0," I said, selling it. The one you want anyway is the i Pad Mini Retina or the i Pod Touch 6. I do this for a living." "Are you going to fix that? "I'm going to try." Well, that proved more difficult than I thought.

Should the user be able to unstrap the device from their body by themselves, or only with help?

Should the user be able to take the strap off the device by themselves, or should it always stay attached?