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Free to Connect Female & Male Lawyers While being a lawyer today has changed considerably from the old days as reflected in classic TV shows such as Perry Mason.

Many of the same standards still apply in terms of their job from being in court to going over documents and working with clients of all types.

It has been said that next to the Holy Bible, America’s Constitution is the most important document ever written for the benefit of mankind.

Such a statement seems justified when you consider that since the United States Constitution went into effect about two hundred years ago, over 175 nations have adopted constitutions, most modeled on that of America.

It is not wise to think any man would want to give out his personal information before meeting ANY lady.

This disclosure of your personal information is a basis for identity theft or worse.

Jude Law was married once; his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, gave birth to three children.

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To give greater prominence to issues and views relating to the notion of cultural diversity, preparatory work was initiated on UNESCO’s second World Culture Report; the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) concomitantly began to revise methodological tools (dating back to 1986) and international standards on cultural statistics in order to collect reliable comparable data on the place of culture in social and economic development.

For the most part, lawyers are people just like everyone else.

They simply have a profession that has been glamorized on TV in one way or another that has led to many preconceived notions that may not be that accurate.

To the extent these nations have applied, both internally and externally, the governmental principles in that document is the extent to which they have experienced liberty, justice, and prosperity.

The civil liberty the world has experienced in the past two centuries is largely due to the gradual expansion of American constitutionalism.