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The offensive way to say it is that they have to get their balls back if they want a woman to respect them.We women can be brutal—we turn them into yes-men and then divorce them because of it.The three things that make for a lasting relationship in this order, without any doubt in my mind, are: respect, humor and sex. My first marriage ended because of that respect thing, by the way. Took me forever to let him go, but he taught me a lot—I had to face my own demons.If a woman loses respect for her partner, she loses her sense of humor—we don’t think you’re funny anymore, and we certainly don’t want to kiss you. I met my [current] husband when I was finally ready.

She brings her style of matchmaking as “America’s toughest matchmaker” here to the West Coast with the opening of her new office High Desert Introductions, Inc. She says she is an everyday girl finding people love.

I’m a big fan of Hourglass eyeliners and I have basic lip gloss — I’ve been a Bobbi Brown gold girl since day one — and I have my wet brushes.

And then I have this basic wax kit.” Because the strips don’t require heat, Stanger says they’re not only perfect for last minute emergencies, but relatively pain-free.

“The millennials won’t pay for [professional waxing] — they won’t even pay for cable.

So they’re gettin’ grizzly down there and I’m getting complaints from the men,” says Stanger.