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A key component in Cameron’s plan is enlisting the aid of Internet service providers, wireless carriers and search engine developers to help filter out images portraying such child abuse.The prime minister’s initiative is commendable, but it does not address a major source of online child porn—peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks.For years child predators have been sharing images, videos and other offensive material using these complex, decentralized networks of computers that make the source of the child abuse very difficult to locate.“There are so many different sites, it’s almost discouraging to see how prevalent this content is,” says Robert Patton, a computer science researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. He and several Oak Ridge colleagues have spent the past several years working with the National Association to Protect Children (NAPC), a nonprofit advocating on behalf of abused and neglected children, and local law enforcement to develop a tool to automate the tracking of P2P content distributed using the Bit Torrent protocol.By clicking on the podcast page button in the podcasts tab, you will be taken to Morpheus’ own podcast library.While it’s not as star-studded as the i Tunes library, it’s full of varied and original content.The process of building that tool—called Bit Predator—and putting it in the hands of investigators has been slowed by the complexity of the P2P networks that shuttle the illicit images from computer to computer.

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