Updating ompf navy

(NNS) -- The "Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) - My Record" was added to the Sailor Career Toolbox, an online collection of career management tools accessible through the BUPERS Online portal, Nov. Formerly called Web-Enabled Record Review, OMPF - My Record is one of the many career tools used to confirm personnel information featured in the Sailor Career Toolbox.

This change aligns the Navy with the naming convention used by the National Archives.

To find assistance or help contact your Command Personnel Officer, Command PASS Coordinator (CPC), and/or Command Career Counselor (CCC).There service members find information on the career management tools needed to enhance professional growth, verify personnel information and explore career opportunities.Some of the tools included in the Sailor Career Toolbox are the Electronic Service Record, Career Management System/Interactive Detailing, Navy Knowledge Online and Navy Credentialing Online.(IDT, AT, ADT, ADSW, PRC, RECALL, MOB) – Flat Rate TDY Per Diem Adjustment Starting in FY15 (01OCT2014), all personnel on new, long-term TDY orders to a single location in support of contingency operations (including mobilization) will see a reduction in the amount of per diem to which they are entitled.Members on orders of up to 30 days will still collect 100% of the maximum locality rate.